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Remove cooker immediately from heat and remove the lid after it cools down. Stir for a while and add hot water (2 cups). Add saffron threads for colour and aroma. Add mava and mix. Continue stirring and add milk and sugar. Serve hot. Add cardamom powder and cook until the ghee separates from the mixture. Cook for 10 minutes till it is completely cooked.Recipe courtesy: The Metropolitan Hotel & SpaAnanas kesari Ingredients Pineapple dice cupSooji 1 cupSugar 1 cupSaffron, few strandsGhee cupBroken cashew nuts 30 gmRaisins 20 gmMethodPour ghee into a kadhai and add cashew nuts. Stirring frequently till light golden. Serve hot.Recipe courtesy: Rajneesh Wakhloo, a passionate home chefMakai ka halwaIngredientsGrated sweet corn kernels of 2 cobs 400 gmSugar as per taste 160 gmGhee 70 gmMilk 300 gmCardamom power tspDry fruits for garnishing Mava 80 gmMethodHeat ghee in a wok. Add cardamom powder and continue stirring till it begins to leave ghee. Close the lid and bring to full pressure on high heat. Serve in bowls made with rice paper sheet, garnished with tutti frutti.Recipe courtesy: chef Madhusudan Prasad, Holachef. Once the sugar dissolves completely add fried oats and stir continuously.Welcome the New Year with mouth-watering, delectable and nutty halwas like pumpkin halwa, ananas kesari, etc. Add milk. Add cardamom powder and the remaining ghee.Recipe courtesy: The Metropolitan Hotel & SpaPumpkin halwaIngredientsWhite pumpkin, grated 2 A pinch of edible yellow food colour Water cupSugar cupPumpkin seeds 1 tbspGhee 2 tbspCardamom powder tspMethodHeat a tablespoon of ghee in a pan.Recipe courtesy: chef Veena Arora, The Spice Route, The Imperial Kashmiri halwaIngredientsOats 1 cupSugar cupMilk 2 cupDesi ghee 4 tspGreen cardamom powder 1 tspFew saffron threadsCashew nuts, almonds and raisinsMethodIn a non-stick pan, heat 2-3 tsp ghee and fry oats on low heat. Stir until the mixture leaves sides of the pan. Add dryfruits mixture and mix. Add grated white pumpkin and water and sauté. Strain extra water and peel the soaked nuts. Cook the mixture till it is thick. Place it again on high heat, add sugar and condensed milk and cook until the liquid dries up (approx for 15-20 minutes) stirring occasionally. Awadhi halwaIngredientsSooji 1 cupGhee cupMixture of cashew nuts and whole Raisins cupHot water 3 cups Whole or full cream milk cupSugar cupGreen cardamom split 5 Tutti frutti 2 tbsp Rice paper sheet 2 MethodHeat a deep pan on medium heat and add ghee. Garnish with flaked almonds and pistachios and serve hot. Garnish with cashews.Recipe courtesy: chef Anil Khurana, Hyatt Regency Beetroot halwaIngredientsBeetroots, grated 2Red or orange carrots, peeled and grated 4Full cream milk 2 cupsCondensed milk 200 mlCardamom powder tspSugar 4 tbspCashew nuts, chopped 2 tbspAlmonds, flaked 2 tbspPistachios, flaked 2 tbspRaisins 2 tbspGhee 4 tbspMethodHeat ghee in a pressure China High titanium iron particles 0-2mm Manufacturers cooker, add grated carrots, beetroot and fry for 3-4 minutes. In a separate pot and on medium heat, bring a mixture of milk, water, sugar and cardamom to a boil. Remove from fire and garnish with fried cashews and raisins. Once done, add sugar and mix. Finish with pineapple. Keep stirring till the sugar dissolves. Gently add this mixture to roasted sooji, stirring continuously to prevent lumps formation. Add sooji and raisins.Recipe courtesy: chef Amrita Mukherjee from QubitosMewe ka nazranaIngredientsAlmonds 45 gm Cashew nuts 45 gmPine nuts 40 Raisins 10 gm Figs 35 gmWalnuts 25 gmPistachio 10 gm Ghee 1 cupSugar 1 cupSooji cup Whole-wheat flour cupWater 3 cupsCardamom powder of 4-5 pods MethodSoak all the nuts overnight in hot water.Heat milk and sugar in a pan and bring it to a boil. Pour ghee into a kadhai and add the purée of nuts with wheat flour and sooji. Stir on low flame till golden brown. Add water, sugar and cardamom powder. Add cardamom powder and the remaining ghee. Grind them to make a purée. Garnish with roughly chopped nuts. When it melts, add sooji and mix. Serve warm. Add chopped dry fruits and mix. Keep stirring till it starts to leave from the sides of the pan. Add grated sweet corn and sauté till golden brown. Heat ghee in a small pan and fry cashews and raisins and add this to the halwa. Serve hot. Leave 10 gm of pine nuts, pistachio, raisins and almonds for garnish. Add sugar and saffron. Add dry pumpkin seeds and mix. Serve warm

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